Tuesday, February 1, 2011

OUZO Radio PRE-show for Sunday, Feb. 6 [REQUEST your song!]

OUZO Community radio show, can it get any better?
Sure it can!
Kick the ass of the ugly Greek presenting it and..
REQUEST your favourite song/artist!

So, c'mon reply (post a comment) to this post and let us know what you would like to listen @ the next OUZO Radio Show!

Please, respect the 2hours limit and ask only one song per show!

You may post your reply with the following ways:
  • Connected through a Google account (recommended)
  • OpenID
  • Name/URL (recommended)
  • Anonymous (if you choose this, make sure to include your name in the request)


Orion said...

Solitude Aeturnus - Tomorrows Dead

Thanx ;)

moshpit2006 said...

Apocalyptica featuring Cristina Scabbia - SOS (Anything But Love).

Black_Dog said...

Lordi - Pet The Destroyer :)

silent_slayer said...

Your pick (or whatever hasn't been aired) from these:

-Paradise Lost- Sun Fading
-Delain- Pristine
-Atreyu- Honor
-Pantera- War Nerve
-Leaves' Eyes- Ragnarok

Anonymous said...

Metallica - Bleeding Me


Anonymous said...

DragonForce - Fury of the storm