Tuesday, December 14, 2010

OUZO Radio PRE-show for Sunday, Dec. 19 [REQUEST your song!]

OUZO Community radio show, can it get any better?
Sure it can!
Kick the ass of the ugly Greek presenting it and..
REQUEST your favourite song/artist!

So, c'mon reply (post a comment) to this post and let us know what you would like to listen @ the next OUZO Radio Show!

*So far we have for this Sunday, Dec. 19 [24.00-02.00 GMT+2]:
  1. TIAMAT - Whatever That Hurts (Carolina)
  2. Metallica - Fuel (Ivan)
  3. Megadeth - Sudden Death (Thijs)
  4. Cog - Bird of Feather (Sarah)
  5. Tensions Arise - Maniac OR Pulseffect - Never Know (HellKitten)
  6. KoRn - Here to stay (Samantha)
  7. 'Blind Guardian - You're the Voice OR Johnny Cash - Hurt (RG)

Please, respect the 2hours limit and ask only one song per show!

You may post your reply with the following ways:
  • Connected through a Google account (recommended)
  • OpenID
  • Name/URL (recommended)
  • Anonymous (if you choose this, make sure to include your name in the request)


Enfant Terrible said...

Awesome, the requests are on!!!

Here is mine:
Pendulum - Granite

Sylvia said...

Am gonna be utterly typical and request a Paradise Lost song LOL

Since the Anniversary shows are on the way, I shall ask for "Elusive Cure" which happens to rock my socks off! Enjoy!

JuAnMa said...

Chimaira, "worthless"

Anonymous said...

Neph here ;)

ILL NINO - What comes around OR
SLIPKNOT - Duality

mopsgesicht said...

just one song per person?
i'll go with sylvia and opt for something from PAradise Lost off the Draconian Times album. But i'll go for "yearn for change"

but "elusive cure" would be fine as well. or anything PL really LOL

Jannike said...

Venom - In League with Satan =D

Thijs said...

Devin Townsend Project - Supercrush http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NPFbdLIqFkA

Anonymous said...

Megadeth - Dialectic Chaos (Lucas)